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I guess I remember every glance you shot me
Such a softer sin
Its our time to shine through the down
By the way, my words were faded
I guess im bitching at the thoughts of tarnished hope

Age: 18
D.O.B.: March 31st, 1987
Location:Trussville, Alabama
School: PVHS
Grade: Senior
Bands: The Used, Finch, Unwritten Law, Sum 41, Hawthorne Heights, The Like, The Killers, Badly Drawn Boy, Death Cab For Cutie, Sugarcult, and Rilo Kiely.
Movies: Closer, Friday Night Lights, Ladder 49, Alfie, and Troy.
Tv Shows: Degrass The Next Generation, Radio Free Roscoe, Lost, The O.C., and House.
Color: Pink
Male Singer: Tom Petty
Male Actor: Jude Law, Shane Kippel, and Garrett Hedlund.
Female Singer: Avril Lavinge
Female Actor: Lauren Collins, Cassie Steele, and Jennifer Anniston
Hobbies:Play bass in a band called DownWard Glance, Cheerleader, Soccer player, run Track, drama freak, Working on my film project, tanning, shopping, and rping on gj and lj

My Best Friends Journals: Mer-bear Cupcake My wifey Lanes My hottie Mikeys lover My whore My honeybee Degrassi Communitys to Join: rpg_ 100degrassi_rp degrassirp_ ___degrassi_yo degrassi_cs_rp_ dtngactors rp People that I rp as on Live journal: Paige Michalchuk
Spinner Mason
Craig Manning
Manny Santos
Song of the moment: Get down Wooooooo! Get down I'm lying to myself And this dagger's my excuse I'm apalled I Should have paid up And I left an hour late I was laid up I must abuse myself I'm against all that I've made up Set in stone the sun will come And I hate light You know I hate light Dont make it look so pretty burning Burn the sun Burn the light Take take take take take take it away Take my hand Take my life Take take take take take take it away I must have caught something In the heat of all these dances I'm a worm with no more chances And I've lost all doubt In a chemical romance I guess I'm bitching At the thoughts of tarnished hope It's kind of funny The only feeling I'm not in love You know it's not love Don't make it look so pretty burning Burn the sun Burn the light Take take take take take take it away Take my hand Take my life Take take take take take take it away Burn the sun Burn the light Take take take take take take it away Take my hand Take my life Take take take take take take it away Brothers and sisters I'm right here with you Cause everyone's got one I started to kill me I'm so apathetic in my resentment Living, loving, knowing this... in my resentment Take my hand [x8] Take my life Take my heart take my mind Take my life take my life Burn the sun burn the lights Take take take take take take it away Take my hand take my life Take take take take take take it away Burn the signs burn the lights Take take take take take take it away Take my hand take my life Take my life Take my life Take my life

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April 23rd, 2005]
Ok guys...I moved my journal to a new and hotter name so please go and comment there and add me and Ill add you back as soon as I can..k? I love you all and the new name is much hotter!
So live it learn it and of course love it! lmao! I love you all!
All my ink sastified in your eyes

April 16th, 2005]

Are the biggest fan Ive got right now 3 All my ink sastified in your eyes

MUAHAHAHAHA..kaci has been hacked!! [Saturday,
April 16th, 2005]
haha. hello all. this is meredith! i hacked kaci's journal!!! and i decided to say hello through it. just to be cool...muahahahaha..

i lurve ya kaci bean!!! <33333333
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April 15th, 2005]
[ mood | busy ]

here is your ash entry hunCollapse )
I will update for real later guys...I know I know im so slacking on that but Im like uber busy with rps..my film project and logan and landon. *kisses*

All my ink sastified in your eyes

hahaha ok...had to post the Paige and Spinner argument! [Friday,
April 15th, 2005]
[ mood | bouncy ]

This is me and Sara rping for degrassirpg_ it is so much fun being a whore and fighting with her! I love you Sara hunney! hehehe and of course Christine is my Muffin.
Spinner and Paige..Are so overCollapse )
hahahah that shit was so funny! I love you so much Sara you rock my sox! hehehe but we so have to get Spaige back together caus they rock. oh and also check out my sexy Sully layout and thanks to Jackie baby for the banner. the layout is on sullyistheman credit to blueyez0374 STAY PERFECT!
Kaci Bean

All my ink sastified in your eyes

This is for Angela my wifey! [Thursday,
April 14th, 2005]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Here you go love...new love triangle??Collapse )
Oh and Angela because you love me so uber much...please make me like 3 oh so hot Sully icons and a super hot blend! ill explain why on aim...but as you assume yes im joining an rp as him! lmao i love you hottie! hehehe im going to steal your grandpas hat!

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March 30th, 2005]
I stole this from Mer-bearCollapse )
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Just a small update! [Wednesday,
March 30th, 2005]
So today is my 18th bday! YAY! the big 1-8! lmfao...well im just putting a pic up of what landon got me for my bday!
hottnessCollapse )
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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what a freaking loser.... [Monday,
March 28th, 2005]
[ mood | infuriated ]

Hey all this is the convo with the ever stupid Tyler! All of my friends from degrassirpgx know him as the Jimmy that sucked...so dont talk to this loser...this is what he said to me after he started crap with my boyfriend! Beware there are curse words said!

What a freak!Collapse )

vintage freak LC: um ok what the fuck???!!!
Jimmy Brooks XL: what?
Jimmy Brooks XL: what could u possibly want from me Kaci?
Jimmy Brooks XL: im just a fucking sad loser
Jimmy Brooks XL: right?
vintage freak LC: you are talking shit about preps...that is fucked up..i never did a damn thing to you then you put a label on my boyfriend which is labeling me
Jimmy Brooks XL: oh well
vintage freak LC: you are ass hole
Jimmy Brooks XL: like u care
Jimmy Brooks XL: u never cared about me
Jimmy Brooks XL: u dont even like me
Jimmy Brooks XL: so stop lying
vintage freak LC: you know what fuck you im quitting your stupid ass rp and taking every one with me
Jimmy Brooks XL: good
Jimmy Brooks XL: cuz i dont want u in there anymore
Jimmy Brooks XL: as for you and landon, you both can go to hell
vintage freak LC: oh good ill see you there you ugly ass fucking poser!
Jimmy Brooks XL: yea sorry im not a poser
vintage freak LC: i didnt want to be in your lame rp anywyas
vintage freak LC: anyways*
Jimmy Brooks XL: good
vintage freak LC: you suck ass jimmy
vintage freak LC: as*
Jimmy Brooks XL: i never wanted a southern bitch prep
Jimmy Brooks XL: u suck as paige
Jimmy Brooks XL: find a new line
Jimmy Brooks XL: this shit has been thru me Kaci
Jimmy Brooks XL: fuck you, go to hell
vintage freak LC: great i dont care cause you suck as jimmy he isnt all gangsta and shit! you could rp to save your life you fucking weak ass bitch! all you do is act like a fucking stalker on here get a fucking life!
Jimmy Brooks XL: i got one, thanks
vintage freak LC: unfortuantly i dont believe you cause you whine about how you dont have one all the time
Jimmy Brooks XL: got proof?
vintage freak LC: as for prom and stuff good luck getting a date cause i wouldnt let my dog go with you
Jimmy Brooks XL: i have a date, i dont need a high maintenance hooker
vintage freak LC: bitch you couldnt afford to take me on a date...as for the hooker thing thank you very much im a virgin.
Jimmy Brooks XL: yea bullshit
vintage freak LC: oh whatever you are a fucking ugly prick...i dont see how you even have friends you probably pay them
Jimmy Brooks XL: no i dont pay anyone
vintage freak LC: i dont believe a damn word out of your mouth...you are like so not even close to my level...i dont know what even made you think you were
Jimmy Brooks XL is away at 6:19:52 PM.
Jimmy Brooks XL returned at 6:20:36 PM.
Jimmy Brooks XL is away at 6:22:01 PM.

See what did i tell you! Total loser...dont join any rps he is in ....he sucks like so bad! Well thats all for now! I love you all! *kisses*
2 days till my 18th bday! can i get a WooHoo...lmao

oh and to the stupid ho who stole my paige entry today get a freaking life...you suck as paige apparently.

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March 23rd, 2005]
Just a short update! I got a myspace! So everyone go and get one! be cool like me and mer-bear!

All my ink sastified in your eyes

I am now...FRIENDS ONLY!!! [Saturday,
March 5th, 2005]
[ mood | chipper ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
yeah i thought it was time to do this. so comment and maybe ill add you if i like you!

Are the biggest fan Ive got right now 3 All my ink sastified in your eyes

bored and up way to late for my own good! [Thursday,
March 3rd, 2005]
[ mood | relaxed ]

Had an ok day today! i went to school and jumped landon's ass for not making an lj last night! lol. he says he will have one up by tomorrow afternoon though! i told him he better. got home from school and Mer called me while she was on the bus. lol it was so loud in the back ground. i was having trouble with my comp. too. it wouldnt let me log on! how lame is that?!! then i had to fill up my water bed. it was so funny cause my apartment is on the 5th floor and i had to put like 6 or 7 hoses together and get them to my balcony just so i could fill the damn thing up! it was quite a site i must say. lol. so i finally got the internet to work and i rp'd for a bite on some of the boards im on. then i got off to watch the o.c., point pleasent, and law and order trail by jury. Landon comes by to talk for a bit and it turns out that whey i exited the room he stole my damn cell phone to get me back for taking the charger after he tells me it was ok and i could keep it! i hate him so much right now and he keeps being hateful to me when i call. all i can say is i better have it in my hand by first block! hahahaha. oh and heather and i have come up with an idea for a banner she is going to make so im going to place the pics below under a cut for you hun! hahaha i was going to call you honeybee and see what you would say but decide not to! lol. Oh and i hope my soulmate is ok. im worried about here. she couldnt sleep. feel better love! hahaha maybe i should've put soul sista instead! oh and heather and i were talking on aim and she said Woop Woop! i was like that is emmas words. she says no this is emmas words: twOOt twOOt.
i laughed and then heather gave me mine which is: twOOp twOOp!!! guys it looks like we have the best sayings around!! of course we do! well thats about it for me tonight. im about to pass out. so till latter...much love! *kisses* ~*Kaci*~ fyi heather...the pic cut is in the left and corner at the bottom of this post. k! twOOp twOOp! lmao! we are so evil! lol. night night!

heatherCollapse )

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well today was interesting.... [Wednesday,
March 2nd, 2005]
[ mood | relaxed ]

So i get up and get ready for school and put on my new abercrombie outfit! i was so excited. something about new clothes make me feel so good. lol. i get a beep on my nextel from landon telling me to pick him up some newports from everyday before i meet up with him a chik-fi-la. which was a total hassle because it is so out of the way for me. but because he cant buy there i went and got them. after that i showed up at chik-fi-la and went ate chicken biscuts and discussed the plans for tonight. we still have to finsh the last 5 minutes if we want to start on episode 5 tomorrow. we left and each went to our cars. he went and picked up jackers and i went to school. i left first block earlier to go talk to the director of the school play and when i walked into the theather i tripped and busted my ass in front of the whole cast! i was so embarrsed and someone took a pic of it and wants to put it in the yearbook! i will kill you if you put the damn thing in there! and you know who you are! lol. on a better note...2nd block film class was awesome. we sat around and talked the whole block. of course we were suppose to be working on our projects and we werent! lol. sorry i had better things to discuss with amanda! after school i went home! thank god my dad had the shop closed today...no work! did some updates and rpg'ing before i went to the shoot. i was suppose to call my soulmate but due to the fact dumbass lando left his car charger somewhere else i couldnt! im so sorry please forgive me! on a better note mer-bear...i stole his house charger and my phone is fully charged! yeah! well we finshed tonight and start all over tomorrow! so im going to bed now! till later...much love! *kisses*

P.S. landon sweetie im expecting you to have one of these things by tomorrow morning. you said you would have one. so please get one. lol. if not i know where you live...hahahah jk love!

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great week! glad its over! [Saturday,
February 26th, 2005]
[ mood | busy ]

so the week is over and it was actually pretty good even though i was so busy i wanted to die! lol. we placed 3rd in the state cheerleading finals. which means next month we will be getting ready for nationals! yeah! i had the re scheduled soccer games yesterday and friday. we won the one yesterday and lost friday. so who cares it was 2-1! lol. well landon and i are trying to work on our film class project right now. you know the stupid episodes we are working on. just kidding. im having so much fun doing this. it is great to see how a tv show comes together. we are on the 4th episode which is titled "the beginning of the end." next one is the prom episode. fun! lol well not much more going on with me! so ill stop here! *kisses*

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